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Getting Started with Pool Cleaning at Home: A Beginner's Guide

One of the best ways to have fun, especially in the blazing summer heat, is to have a swimming pool at home. However, owning a pool at home comes with a lot of responsibilities for proper maintenance. Whether you choose an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, if you want to install a swimming pool at home, be sure you are familiar with the fundamentals of pool upkeep. If you know how to maintain and do the pool cleaning in Los Angeles properly, you will be able to handle any possible issues that may develop.


Pool Cleaning at Home

Getting Started with Pool Cleaning at Home: A Beginner's Guide

Important Points

1. Suitable Water Circulation

Before you begin with the pool deep cleaning process, you must know this first important point. The pool's water must be circulated properly, which requires making sure the water is clean and clear. Good water circulation in the pool is ensured by keeping the pump and filtration system functioning. At least 10–12 hours per day should be spent running the filter. Additionally, Outdoor Direct provides insightful information on how long these essential devices typically last for those curious about the longevity of pool heat pumps.


Another task you must perform to guarantee proper pool water circulation is backwashing the filter. To remove impurities from the pool, you can reverse the direction of the water flow through the filter and direct it toward the waste port.


2. A Pool Maintenance Checklist

Even if your pool has strong circulation, you will still need to perform some traditional deep cleaning using simple tools and cleaners. To guarantee that swimming is safe, pool cleaning is essential. Several elements from nature, such as leaves, mildew, and other animal wastes, will fall into your pool and pollute the water.


You keep dirt out of the pool water and maintain it sparkling clean, be sure to skim, brush, and vacuum your pool at least once each week. To complete the regular deep cleaning, equipment such as a net skimmer, pool brush, and pool vacuum will be sufficient. The sensitive pool tiles may be cleaned well using baking soda paste and other natural cleaners.


Additionally, you may get automated pool cleaners to reduce the time required for pool maintenance. You'll find it easier to complete the task and will be able to spend more time in the pool as a result. One excellent piece of advice we can provide you is to throw some tennis balls into your pool to soak up any oils that lotions and sunscreens may leave behind.


3. Balanced Chemistry of Water


It might be frightening to learn about the chemistry of swimming pools, but do not be worried. An essential component of pool water management and pool maintenance is balanced water chemistry. For this, you'll need a testing kit. Utilize the equipment to test the water from your pool and determine what is and isn't present.


Balanced water chemistry depends mostly on:


pH levels: It determines how acidic or basic the water is by using its pH level. 7.4 to 7.6 is the optimal pH range for pool water. Levels below 7.4 and above 7.6 are referred to as acidic and basic, respectively.



Alkalinity: Alkalinity serves as a pH buffer and aids in preventing sharp changes in acidity. Its levels should be between 100 and 150 parts per million. If the alkalinity is less than 100 ppm, you can add baking soda to the pool water.


Sanitizer levels: Levels of additives like chlorine, bromine, etc. are referred to as "sanitizer levels." Depending on the type of sanitizer you add to the pool water, the amount of all additions will change. When adding chemicals to change the water's pH or for deep cleaning, follow the label's instructions carefully. Make sure you understand how the additions will impact the pool water before you start to take your time and observe.


Services for Swimming Pool Maintenance

We provide cost-effective maintenance services and pool cleaning in Los Angeles. In addition, we offer tile cleaning, filter cleaning, and after-hours deep cleaning services. Our house cleaning in Los Angeles is qualified to evaluate your swimming pool's water and equipment needs and suggest the necessary maintenance.

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