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The best application to locate your children's cell phone during the trip

 We all want to take care of our children in the right way and because of the great inconveniences, it becomes very important to know exactly where your child is, so we recommend this application to know where my child is during the trip.

The best applications to locate children

If you are looking for an application to know where your child is, in this article we will describe some applications that you can use and that are extremely effective and even have the instagram anonymous viewer function.


This application has a lot of features that will allow you to have access to your child's phone, you can see the messages he sends, the ones he receives, the calls he makes, check his messaging, social networks and of course, his real-time location and GPS route, as a feature that will serve as a mobile locator for your child at all times.

The main function of Eyezy is GPS tracking, an application with which you will know where your child is at all times.

Another feature that is also very useful for locating your child's cell phone without them knowing, is its Geofencing function, where you will receive a notification when your child leaves the area you have previously marked as safe.


It is a high quality application, which can be very helpful as an application to locate your children, however, you require the approval of the user of the mobile, but having this approval, you can track the device at all times thanks to the phone number.

With this excellent application you will be able to get the location of any type of phone all over the world, being a perfect solution to remotely track your child's mobile.

With this application you will be able to know their exact location in a private, totally secure way and you will have access to a worldwide coverage of the phones you want.

Free methods that can help you

If you want to know the free methods to track your children's cell phone, below, we tell you which is the application to locate children.

Via Find My iPhone

This is an excellent way to locate your children's mobile without having to install any application, using the Find My iPhone function you can track the mobile in a simple way, using the function to search for your friends.

Before that, you must enable this feature, so that it is available to the account associated with your iPhone.

To use this feature you must have the iCloud account credentials approved, and in addition, your child must have the location sharing option enabled, so you can view your child's location at all times.

Via Google Timeline

Another way to locate your children's mobile without having to use any complex app is to access Google timeline, an option similar to Find My iPhone, but applied to Android devices.

In this case you must add your child's device to your Google account, or provide access to your Google account to track it for free, or to secure the cell phone if needed.


The Eyezy application can be an excellent option to locate your children's cell phone without them knowing it, and keep them safe while they are outside your home, but you should also take care of them when they are inside the house, taking special care in areas that may be more dangerous in the house.

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