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Busy Weekend!

Like most of you, we had a busy weekend! Jeanne' graduated from Columbia College on Saturday and then we celebrated with lunch at Ski Hi afterwards. We headed back to JC to finish up our packing for Sunday, when we would be heading to Marceline/Wein for our family Christmases.

On Saturday night, though, Bob, Eric, Ashley and I all packed into the car to look at the Christmas lights. This is an annual event. We had dinner at Prison Brews and then toured JC with Christmas cookies to munch on. It is always a nightmare to plan the trip but this year we had Eric's Google maps to guide us.

We headed to north Missouri early on Sunday. We started Christmas in opening gifts to individuals first, then our annual themed gift exchange. This year our theme was "$25 of Dollar General". It was fun to see what people came up with. There was "A Night at Home" with cookies, hot cocoa, a throw and a game, "An Italian Dinner Party" complete with dishes and the food, "Chinese Dinner" with a huge bag of rice, "Numbers" which included a clock, a calculator, a timer, and Soduko puzzles, and many others.

Irene cooked dinner for our crowd of ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade noodles, hot rolls and corn. Mmmm.

We headed to Marceline shortly after to see my side of the family. We opened gifts and snacked on cookies and my mom's homemade egg nog. I finally got a picture of her table of goodies after all these years.

We snacked all afternoon at mom's. She had cooked a turkey and sliced it up and made a pot of vegetable soup. Plus, with sugar cookies and oreo truffles we were very happy people!
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