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Is it really over?

Today Bob got up early to take advantage of some after Christmas specials. He came home disappointed, though. We headed into Columbia to meet up with Ashley and take a printer to her that was too big for her car. We shopped at Macy's, who did have good sales, and we had lunch at a local favorite,Booches . They have won Columbia's Best Burger for ages.

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  1. That Bob is a brave one, facing the stores the day after Christmas!!! :-)

  2. Ugh, facing the stores again...we had a very long line to wait in at the local big box, but have purposely put off heading for the mall.

    Glad that Macy's was having a good sale.

    Your daughter and her bf are so cute together.

  3. That would be son-in-law! Gheesh...I'm not paying attention again.

  4. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I have heard of Booch's burgers and one day we'll have to drive over to Columbia!

    I went to a couple of stores. I used to get up early, the day after Christmas and go to Dillards and shop the china department. That was always fun!

  5. Thanks for your comment!

    Feel better...soon, o.k.?



  6. I haven't braved the stores, yet. I did order Griffin a few things online (sweatshirts at Old Navy for $5.80)

    My mouth is watering... I love Booches!

    Griffin and I discovered the Magic Tree on the way home from TKD the other night. It was truly amazing!
    I wish I would have taken pictures of the signs telling us not to turn around in the driveways;)
    Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to get the rest of the family over there sometime this week!!

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