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Mizzou Won!

Missouri beat Northwestern in the Alamo Bowl 30-23 in overtime. It was a nailbiting experience, for sure! We participated in an Alamo Bowl Watch Party at the University Club where we are members. We enjoyed a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne from our wine cellar there. The Club provided chili, brats, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, potato salad and Tiger Stripe Ice Cream. There were door prizes (which we did not win) and little souvenirs given out. It was a lot of fun!

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  1. Congratulations!!!!

    We are looking forward to New Year's Rose Bowl. Our Penn State and Miss Paula's USC will compete. Fun!


  2. Ummm, sounds and looks like ya'll had a great time...
    xo bj

  3. Congrats on the win!

    Hope that you received the info that you requested...oh, I might have to email again to answer another question that you asked. Just remembered!

  4. Congrats on the win!

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Ours certainly was!

    I wish for you and your family a very blessed 2009.


  5. WooHoo for Mizzou!! They interviewed the inventor of the Tiger Stripe Ice Cream on KOMU last night. Good for you for having such a good time. My hubby enjoyed the game on his couch, peacefully while I played POGO on the computer in the bedroom.

  6. You should have heard the victory screams at my house:0
    I could go for some Tiger Stripe Ice Cream right about now.
    Great picture. You look FANTASTIC!!

  7. Here's to a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    kari & kijsa

  8. I know... what a game. I couldn't open my eye because the eye surgery didn't feel like the other one and it hurt soooo bad, but I had my son find the channel, and I listened... It was the kind of game to win all right... Whoo Whoo... Mizzou! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Happy New Year.

  9. Go Mizzou! I watched from Iowa. It was a very exciting game.


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