Trim the Tree Thursday!

I am participating in the Trim the Tree Thursday sponsored by our lovely blog friend Southern Hostess. Today I will take you through our kitchen.

I love decorating the kitchen! Since I spend so much time in the kitchen getting food ready and doing treats for the holidays, I love being in a place that welcomes you in with Christmas decor!

I use gingerbread men and sugarplums (original, huh?) in our kitchen. My kitchen is already red and white, so Christmas fits right in!

This first picture is of our eat in kitchen area. I like the overall view... it helps put the rest in perspective!

The Santa was hand made by a friend from scrap wood. We really love him!

The Mr. and Mrs. Claus ceramic statues were painted by my mom in the 70s. I borrowed them when our house was on our city's home tour and never gave them back. I think she knew that would happen!

Our gingerbread tree!

This hutch was made in the late 1700s. The nails have square heads and there is a painted message from a husband to his wife, with the date on it.

Bells are at the three windows, plus on the backs of the chairs.

The last two pictures are of our kitchen window. I saw that someone had decorated their window sill by the sink and I wanted to do it, too. Unfortunately, I forgot to note where I saw the idea.

Hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour this week!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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