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Christmas Dinner Party

Ashley and Eric hosted their first dinner party for Bob, Eric's dad (Bob), Eric's mom (Renee) and Eric's brother and sister, Elise and Evan. I must say, it was an elegant affair, using what they had in order to serve all eight of us. Not having table space for all of us didn't stop them at all. The food they served was easily eaten anywhere in the apartment. Ashley is serving up hot cider. I am not usually a cider fan but hers was very good!

A close up of the proscuitto wrapped pears with havarti cheese.

Our hosts! note: Ashley's scarf is of the new Missouri Tiger plaid that her department designed.

Bob and I enjoying our cider!

The hit of the night (at least for me) were these ice bowls made to serve our ice cream in. Ashley and Eric said they drank a lot of milk to make these! I rinsed them out at the end of the party and put them on their patio with instructions to buy some tealights. They were far too pretty to just let them melt away!

Thank you Ashley and Eric.... it was wonderful!

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  1. Now that just had to bless your Momma heart! To see how beautifully everything was done!


    Becky K.

  2. Such a beautiful daughter you have and she's obviously gotten her mother's talent as a wonderful hostess. I love her ice bowls. She really put so much love into her dinner party.

  3. She's taken after her parents well. Looks like lots fo fun!! I love those ice bowls!

  4. The ice bowls are a great idea, but those proscuitto wrapped pears sound amazing!

  5. What talents these two have! Not that this surprises me at all! : )

    Oh and you had ME at the word Havarti!! YUM!

    The ice bowls are just wonderful! What a sweet idea! Grace LOVES milk so maybe we can incorporate this idea...hmmm....


  6. Wow! They did such a great job! Those ice bowls are amazing-such a great idea!

  7. Lovely... everything is beautiful and delicious... and how do we go about getting a scarf like that? Hugs...

  8. Alright~ I am snitching the ice bowl idea for icecream.
    Then to use them for tea lights... Brilliant!


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