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Holiday Parties

Tis the Season! I have been to two holiday parties and it is only Saturday at 1:00! One was associated with work and the other with my Beta Sigma Phi group. At the work one we ate, drank and made merry and at BSP we ate, drank and made merry!

Here are some scenes from the homes where these holiday parties took place. Names and addresses are omitted to protect the innocent.

I love this tree! It is a tinsel tree, but the tinsel looks like a pine tree... and the decorations are out of this world lovely, especially in person.

Isn't this a lovely spot? This Victorian home has been lovingly restored.

Too cute!

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  1. Oh how beautiful both Christmas trees are! Tinsel trees like that first one are so hard to find...I love the way this one is made. I would have loved to be in both those homes just to admire all their Christmas decorating:-) xoxo

  2. I would love to see the Victorian Home restored - am in love with old homes. Thought at one time that I wanted to own one but it's never worked out without moving into the city and I'm in love with the country. I'm a used-to-be Beta Sigma Phi person - enjoyed it thoroughly and still have great friends from those days. I just had to cut something from my life and I chose that about 20+ years ago. PAM

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Thank you, Terri, for sharing these gorgeous Christmas trees!

  4. The homes are very well decorated. I love the tinsel tree.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. All of these styles are great...the first is so different from anything I'd do, but I just love it. The last is what I would like to do, but have never managed. Enjoy your parties and your friends this holiday season!

  6. I should have done that! I have those same exact snowman, and was planning on leaving them in the closet this year. Love the tinsel tree, you party animal!

  7. Thank you for posting these homes. What lovely Christmas decor. laurie

  8. What fun! Two parties in one day. Loved getting to see the trees.



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