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New Year's Eve!

How did you spend New Year's Eve? Bob, Ashley, Eric and I headed to downtown Columbia to eat at Sake's, a local sushi favorite. We love their Big O roll, which is tempura fried and has cream cheese in it, what's not to like? Afterwards, we headed to the Rag Tag Theater to watch Milk starring Sean Penn. An incredible movie! We are finishing up the evening playing games, watching the ball drop in New York and eating some snacks! Hope you are having a wonderful evening!

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  1. Happy New year Terri! Grace and I had lunch with 2 of my dearest friends then Bill, Grace, Dan, Mom and I met 4 other friends for a pizza and great chatter. Then it was home by 10 to watch a movie, eat popcorn and, just as the ball dropped, I kiss each family member (Including the pets of course!)
    Bill then heads off to bed while the kids play a little Wii and I visit a few friends here! : )

    Tomorrow we will have dinner at Mom's with the rest of the family.
    Nothing earth shattering but sweet all the same!

    Oooh does that food sound good. We would love it!

    Love to you all,

  2. Oh this looks so yummy!


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