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Spring Updating!

I am ready to start my spring cleaning and next week will be a great opportunity! I am going to start this weekend by doing my two most used rooms: my kitchen and living room, and then move on to my master bedroom and bath.

I also want to do a little spring decorating, lightening things up a bit for the new season. I will be following some of the advice of Alisa from Carolina Panache to brightened up the house for spring.

I love having a new look for the house for a new season and especially after the winter. Dirt and dust are more easily hidden in the dark recesses of winter but the spring lets us see everything!

What are you planning in terms of spring cleaning?

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  1. Hi Terri, I am also doing the same thing. I take one room at a time so I won't become overwhelmed.

    We are in the middle of redoing the master bath, from water damage, so the house is in a bit of a mess.

    I am looking forward to everything being ordered again.

    Happy cleaning!!

  2. I will start the spring cleaning after I have recovered from my surgery. It will probably take me a few days. I may get side tracked with blogland! But I have a few deadlines (girls party and the in-laws) so I have to get it done!

  3. We started this past weekend and made great headway! I just couldn't stand it any longer. Every fiber of my being has a bad case of spring fever!

    Most of my new spring decor is really more of a garden look with lettuce-shaped dishes, gardening tea towels and mugs, rabbits and birds, and flowers everywhere!

    Enjoy your spring cleaning!

  4. Between spring cleaning and spring planting I'm going to be needing lots of naps! Don't work to hard, Terri! I hope you'll share your decorating with us!

  5. I agree, I love having a new look for each season and it's easy to do without changing out everything.

    I don't really spring clean since I'm in the garden in spring before it becomes too hot!

    Happy cleaning and fluffing!


  6. I have been doing litle bits of sorting and organizing here and there. We are planning a rework of the kitchen so that will be the major reorganization of the house this Spring. Tomorrow Warren goes to an auction to look for cupboards that match our existing ones. That might be tricky.

  7. Oh I don't do spring cleaning...other than the yard and the windows. I follow the FlyLady way so things stay done all year through. I know...boring! I hope that you wear your heels and your pretty blue dress while you're at it. That pic is so cute!

  8. I'm going to start on my garage. It's a mess!
    Think that I'll try to tackle that job over spring break. Fun times.


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