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New Car Shopping

On Friday I took m y beloved CR-V in for its 90,000 mile tune up and to have the air conditioner looked at because it started not doing its job toward the end of fall. The service guy called me to tell me that it would cost $3600 to repair my air conditioning, but that Honda had a special deal for me since I was such a long time customer and that I could get it repaired for $1300. I was floored. I had planned to have this car for at least 200,000 miles.

So Bob and I decided that maybe we should do some car shopping. We looked at all our favorite places and test drove a Nissan Altima, a Hyundai Sonata, a Kia Sonata and a Toyota Camry. Nothing really impressed me so much that I was eager to trade in my car. QUITE an unusual feeling for me, as I love driving new cars!

So after some discussion, we decided that I needed to repair my Honda and try to get another 110,000 miles out of it.

Now some of you are thinking: what a waste of time (and energy speaking to salespeople!) but I believe all things happen for a purpose. Won't it be interesting to see how this information helps me in the future?

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  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    We've discussed the possibility of buying a new vehicle and getting rid of the other two. Since Jim's retirement, we really don't need two cars. I had a little chevy blazer before the toyota and liked it.
    I'm not sure we will want an suv. Everytime we talk about getting rid of the truck, we have a load of stuff to haul to the lake or elsewhere. Our daughter has a wonderful toyota suv, we both like, but we are wondering how we will haul stuff here and there. It's a dilemma. We'll probably keep things as they are awhile longer.

  2. Hi there .. I'm playing a little blog catch up today. Think you made the right decision regarding your Honda but I have found no matter what our local VW dealer/service is able or willing to do, I always find good repairs for much lower costs with independent mechanics. Have fun doing all that house cleaning ~ then you can come out here and help me....I have been to four Eagles concerts in my life and every one of them as far exceeded my expectations. I love them! I am also rooting quite loudly for the MO Tigers ... wasn't that a great game against Marquette ????

  3. btw .. you are the only sharpie out there who spied me in the mirror.

  4. Me...I drive a Chevy Express! Love it! One day I will drive a smaller car!

  5. Hi Terri! Cars are a pain in the tushy aren't they?! We had to get the a/c regassed in our old car because it had completely died and we can't live with out a/c Down Under during summer! The cheapest quote I got was $1300, and I had to get it done, but that certainly hurt! A year later we traded the old girl (a Landcruiser) in for a brand new Toyota Landcruiser, and I am sooooo happy with it. Love it! lol Best of luck with it all sweetie, and have a wonderful day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  6. Terri, I think you made a wise decision.

    I LOVE my Ford Explorer!!!! I love the size of the car and being up high. Woweeee.


  7. I have my hooptie. I love my hooptie, I know what every little sound is suppose to be. I would love to have a new vehicle, but just don't want to mess with getting to know a new car. I'm about to turn 157,000 on my Monte Carlo. I hope it lasts another 50,000. I do love those Altima's, we've been watching them for the past year or two. Your instinct will be correct, I promise!

  8. I thought that this might prove to be a story about helping the economy. Ha! If you love your Honda, I hope that it will get you to that 200,000 mile mark.

  9. At least you know what is available and you won't be wondering if you would have just loved something else.

    I was surprised by our ability to walk away at the first lot we looked at before we found our Mazda MPV on line.

  10. I love a new car too, but I'm happy with mine and with the economy, I know I won't be getting one any time soon. I hope your repairs makes your "like new".

    BTW...your blog isn't updating on my sidebar for some reason???

    Thanks for all of your visits while I was on my trip. We stayed so busy that my computer time was taken up with doing a post each day and downloading my photos. It sure feels good to be home and able to blog again.


  11. We have a CR-V and love it! I hope that's not a common problem with them! We hate shopping for cars!!


  12. I bought my first Honda last year and I've been so pleased with it. I miss not having a truck to haul stuff in and our other car is a little Pontiac Vibe. You can haul SOME stuff in the Vibe, but nothing really substantial. Anyway, back to the Honda. I think I probably would've ended up paying to have the A/C fixed, too. They're just good cars. And while I feel kind of bad for not "buying American", I also feel kind of angry that the American car makers aren't making cars as reliable as Hondas. I think America's auto industry is totally and completely broke and this stupid bailout is only going to dig them into an even deeper hole. Oh geez, now I've segued into politics, haven't I? I have no idea where that came from. It's early. I've only had one cup of coffee. That's my excuse. And I'll shut up now. LOL


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