Tablescape Thursday!

Today's tablescape is breakfast for Bob and me one day soon.

The teacup in this picture was given to me by my Grandmother Holt. She collected teacups (we believe she had nearly 50 sets from all over the world) and I received four of the sets. This set is Queen Anne, made in England, and was another of the china pieces my grandfather brought back from England when he was stationed there during WWII.

You can see the small glasses that we also received with our goblets that we ordered from the soap box to be our wedding crystal. There is a water glass and a juice glass. The blue crocheted piece is actually from my mother in law Irene.

This last picture is of some eggs that I have collected. I handpainted several and some are just a few that I collected over time. Yes, I got much better with the handpainted eggs, then I quit. I get these spirts of doing things then feel like I need a different challenge! Anyone else like that?

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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