Spring Cleaning has Commenced!

and I am exhausted!

I have deep cleaned our master bedroom and master bathroom. That includes drawers, moving all furniture to clean beneath plus washing curtains. The windows inside and out got a full treatment clean as well!

The master bathroom received a thorough cleaning plus I purchased one of those shower cleaners that you use daily. I want to keep up my hard work. Cleaned out drawers and cabinets there, too.

I also worked on the living room. I had organized that room over the winter and so all I really needed to do was move furniture and get the ceiling and ceiling fan really good. That made my back hurt, so I rested and watched TV!!

I had some time left over so I decided to clean the kitchen. I had scrubbed the cabinets a few weeks ago, so I went over them with some orange oil and scrubbed down the stove (inside and out), washed the windows and cleaned out the fridge.

All I have left to do is floors and they will get my attention later this evening. I am going to enjoy blogging for a bit and get things in line for school tomorrow!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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