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Spring Cleaning has Commenced!

and I am exhausted!

I have deep cleaned our master bedroom and master bathroom. That includes drawers, moving all furniture to clean beneath plus washing curtains. The windows inside and out got a full treatment clean as well!

The master bathroom received a thorough cleaning plus I purchased one of those shower cleaners that you use daily. I want to keep up my hard work. Cleaned out drawers and cabinets there, too.

I also worked on the living room. I had organized that room over the winter and so all I really needed to do was move furniture and get the ceiling and ceiling fan really good. That made my back hurt, so I rested and watched TV!!

I had some time left over so I decided to clean the kitchen. I had scrubbed the cabinets a few weeks ago, so I went over them with some orange oil and scrubbed down the stove (inside and out), washed the windows and cleaned out the fridge.

All I have left to do is floors and they will get my attention later this evening. I am going to enjoy blogging for a bit and get things in line for school tomorrow!

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  1. Cute picture! I wish cleaning was as fun as that picture makes it look!

  2. Yesterday I cleaned the top of my kitchen cabinets,dusted the house and then called it a day. :) You are so inspiring!
    Have a wonderful time at the concert. I'm envious.
    Next week Mr. Decor and I are taking the Fashionista to see Billy Joel and her ultimate fav Elton John in concert for her birthday. I'm not sure who is more excited about her "gift". :)

  3. Terri, whoa...that is a lot of work but I bet you feel good knowing everything is ship-shape for a while. Right?

    I start this week also....cleaning, cleaning.

  4. Whew! It makes me tired reading about your spring cleaning! Don't work too hard!

  5. Hmm...now what time will you be here to do MY Spring cleaning?? Since you are done and all there...
    You little dynamo you!!
    I bet it all looks and smells SO good!


  6. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Wow! You accomplished a lot! I don't really do spring cleaning I do most of mine in the fall before Thanksgiving. Spring I'm out in the garden.


  7. Wow! Didn't you just do the bedroom?

    I don't want to scare you, but has anyone warned you about pets and those perpetual shower cleaners? I hope that your furbaby doesn't go near the shower. (I killed my beloved cat a few years ago using that stuff. She apparently liked to drink from the floor of the shower.)

  8. Terri gotta quick question: Do you hire out?????? :)

  9. OK, you are making me feel really inadequate:)
    I'm so dang jealous!!!


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