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Favorite Photo Friday!

This display makes me smile! We had Student Led Conferences last week and this cute rabbit is right outside a second grade teacher's door. Each piece is a story that one of her students wrote. I love walking by it and reading their work. I hope it makes you smile, too!

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  1. Oooooo, how sweet is that?!!!!!!

  2. It is adorable!!!!!

  3. Child artwork ALWAYS makes me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  4. How very, very cute!!!

    I am sorry to have missed you all week. For some reason my blog list didn't show that you had any new posts. I decided to just come and look for myself. Glad I did!

    The Eagles!??!? Fun!!!!

    Your spring cleaning makes me tired to think about. All I get done is making bigger messes, it seems!

    Oh well, I will get to it. I must!

  5. Those widgets are driving me nuts! They're so interesting and they lead me on such rabbit trails. Oh, that takes me back to this post about the wonderful rabbit in the hall. Yes, I am a sucker for a good bulletin board or a fun display. The teacher did a great job and I bet the students' stories are fantastic!

  6. I love the bunny with the carrots! That is too cute!

  7. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I used to (and still do!) love the creative approaches teachers use to inspire their kiddos--then to "show case" their work.

    Can you believe I FINALLY got my Google Acct up and running? It took several attempts. I really think it hates me---we'll see how long this works until it starts telling me something is "invalid"!!!

    YOU have been very busy---your spring cleaning and attending an Eagles concert!!

    I think all of our cheering helped the Tigers win yesterday! Let's hope they do well tomorrow! I'm just thrilled they made it this far--they've been a fun, fun team to watch!

    Hope you're having a great weekend--GO MIZZOU! Dana

  8. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Your banner is so lovely and colorful. So nice to be here!
    Hugs ~


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