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In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb?

How is March leaving your neck of the woods? So far it is mild here but storms look to be abrewing in the south. We practiced tornado drills at school earlier this month but hopefully we won't have to do the real thing today!

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  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Yesterday was sunny and mild. We woke to clouds today. I'm anxious for Apr. 17 to pass - GA has never had frost after that date and I want to plant some annuals!

  2. In like a big, mean, roaring young lion and out like a toothless, old one. No lambs in sight! :D

  3. It is a nice day today! A little overcast but highs in the 50's! Not bad for Beantown!!!

  4. In Independence, it's cool and very, very windy!!! When my gr. dog and I walked down the street to the mailbox, the wind kept blowing her sideways! Really! :)

    In the last pub. sch. I worked, my room (I was a sp. services teacher) was a little closet (converted to my room) and it was next door to a boys restroom. That's where I had to take my group of kiddos during tornado drills! Of course, the kids thought it was really funny!

    I think I heard on the news that we might see a little more snow!! Gads, I hope they are wrong!

    Hope your week is going well! Dana

  5. Beautiful yesterday...not so beautiful today. Rainy but we need the rain....hey, how's that for being positive?


  6. I was in your neck of the woods today for training! It was mild there, but as soon as I got to Macon the wind has been howling fast!! Or should I say roaring fast?

  7. It was really chilly here today... darn wind.

    The name of the game is "Loser". It's really pretty embarrassing (but not surprising) that out of a group of about 10 women, I was the biggest loser.
    It's great fun, though... you should get it!

  8. It's raining here in the sunshine state...again! Everything is soooo green, but I'm ready for sunshine.


  9. It went out like a lamb, here at the lake.

    Happy April!!


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