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American Idol Weekend!

We took my mom to see the American Idol concert for her birthday present this year. We both watched it closely as we had different favorites. Mom's favorite was Adam and mine was Danny . I will say that the concert was fabulous, each of the singers was truly remarkable. Megan Joy was the stand out for me, as I love her smoky voice.

Adam, however, stole the show. His rocker style and coreographed moves were awesome. You can tell he was a dancer. He made his body work!

We stayed the night in St. Louis. We were on the 15th floor of the hotel. Mom had never stayed so high up before. We convinced her to see the view... we had a fab view of the Missouri River. She didn't like it much.

For dinner mom wanted to go to HOOTERS. No kidding. She had a good time!

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  1. I can't believe she wanted to go to Hooters and you went LOL!!

    Everyone that's seen the show says it's fabulous. I love Adam and I can just imagine how good he is in person!


  2. Sounds as though you had a great time and I'm so happy for you!!! All of this years contestants were so darned talented!!! You two look wonderful!

  3. Sounds wonderful, Terri!

  4. Cute photo!

    When we were in Memphis recently, American Idol was there but we didn't have time to go. Pooh! So glad you and your Mom had a good time. Hooters, huh? Your Mom is so cool.


  5. Hi Terri,
    Just had an opportunity to come by and visit and I'm so sad to read the news of your cancer. Will be praying for you friend!
    Looks like yall had a great time at the AI concert.

  6. It sounds like you all had a blast! I'm a huge fan of Danny, too.
    Your mom cracks me up!!!

  7. Anonymous5:43 AM

    That is a lovely photo of you and your Mom. What a treat to see the AI concert. I liked Danny too and am glad to hear that Meagan Joy was a show stopper. She has such a unique voice and just never quite chose the right songs during the show! You know I've never eaten at Hooters!!!

  8. Your mom sounds as sweet, fun-loving, and adorable as you are!

  9. Ooooh...I am so jealous! I liked both Adam and Danny for their differences. How great that you and your Mother had such a wonderful time together.

    Becky K.

  10. Hooters cracked me up! Fun times!


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