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Results from Surgery

As Bob put it in an email to his staff... The Good News is that Terri can now take a shower!

And, that is about where it ended! The final pathology came back that there was cancer in the lymph nodes, so another surgery will be scheduled to remove them. Bummer, but I want to be cancer-free so those babies have got to go! The bad news here is that chemo is now in my future.

Then the MRI showed another mass... the surgeon did not get this report in a timely manner or he may have chosen to do surgery at another time but hey, can't do anything about it now so we are doing a biopsy at 9:30 today. I'd really like to come back and tell you that the mass isn't cancer!!

If it is, I will have surgery to do a full masectomy. This will be combined with the axillary dissection (lymph node removal). The best news about this is that there will not be any need to do radiation!

So, biopsy today, meeting with surgeon on Friday to go over the results and a meeting with my medical oncologist, who happens to be returning to work after her own ordeal with breast cancer.

Also, I don't want my blog to be a downer so I am going to be optimistic and happy and post about the wonderful things that are going on in addition to what's happening in my cancer world!

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered love, prayers and support. What would I do without you??

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