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Results from Surgery

As Bob put it in an email to his staff... The Good News is that Terri can now take a shower!

And, that is about where it ended! The final pathology came back that there was cancer in the lymph nodes, so another surgery will be scheduled to remove them. Bummer, but I want to be cancer-free so those babies have got to go! The bad news here is that chemo is now in my future.

Then the MRI showed another mass... the surgeon did not get this report in a timely manner or he may have chosen to do surgery at another time but hey, can't do anything about it now so we are doing a biopsy at 9:30 today. I'd really like to come back and tell you that the mass isn't cancer!!

If it is, I will have surgery to do a full masectomy. This will be combined with the axillary dissection (lymph node removal). The best news about this is that there will not be any need to do radiation!

So, biopsy today, meeting with surgeon on Friday to go over the results and a meeting with my medical oncologist, who happens to be returning to work after her own ordeal with breast cancer.

Also, I don't want my blog to be a downer so I am going to be optimistic and happy and post about the wonderful things that are going on in addition to what's happening in my cancer world!

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered love, prayers and support. What would I do without you??

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  1. Terri,
    This is not a fun way to begin a new school year.
    I am so sorry! But, I am here and will keep coming back whether you post happiness or reality when things stink!

    How interesting to have a Dr. who is facing similar challenges to yours.

    Your comment on the Louie Giglio(donuts) video is shared by me...however...the point was made. Knowing God by experience and relationship vs. knowing about Him are so different. That shows itself in situations like the one you face now.

    I have come to think of you as a very dear friend and hope that your days get much, much brighter.

    Becky K.

  2. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Terri, I am so sorry to hear this news but I will continue to pray for you my friend.

    I will always be hear to listen to what you say no matter good or bad so don't worry if some days you are down and post down things. We all go through some tough times and that is what our friends are there for.

    Hang in there and know that someone from Indiana loves you and cares about you. Sending many blessings and prayers your way my dear friend.

  3. You are such an inspiration to me! Love ya!

  4. Terri,
    It's so good that you're keeping a positive attitude! Leaning on God is such a comfort. My prayers continue for you.

  5. Well, the shower part was probably a bit of good news. :) I was so sad to read the rest.

    You're facing this health challenge like a trooper, Terri....so positive and straight forward. I don't think I would be handling it nearly as well as you. However, you should NEVER hesitate to share whatever you feel like sharing on your blog. You've developed a group of cyberfriends who care for you and who want to be there to give you additional comfort and support. Of course, I still want to read about the great places you and your hubby visit and what you've been up to with your daughter and your friends....when you feel like sharing them.

    I know you will be the winner in this fight...you have an army on your side. L, Dana

  6. I'm so sorry that you are going through this ordeal.
    I've been thinking about you and praying for you all week:)

  7. Oh dear sweet Terri. My heart hurts for you. But deep down in my soul I believe that you are going to BEAT this! Why? Because of your positive outlook and the great support system you have in Bob and I do hope, the blogging community. I am praying for you my friend.
    I have had several friends that have had similar battles and it amazing what a positive mind can do for your recovery.
    Cyber hug my girl! If in the event you do not hear from me please assume that it must be because I am having difficulty accessing your site. I do try my hardest to respond to each blogger at least once a week.
    Just as I did today, if you leave a comment and I can't respond on your blog I will respond to you in my comment section. I am praying this will not occur though as I do so want to be supportive to you and a huge prayer warrior.
    You are a TRUE beauty!

  8. Terri, nobody wants to have to deal with something like this and I admire your positive attitude! But you should feel free to express whatever is going on in your life on your blog. Anyway, I'm hoping for the best with the second biopsy! You are in my prayers.


  9. Oh Terri! Sweetheart I am sorry, and saddened to hear this. You will most certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs for you my dear sweet friend....
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. Hi sweet friend!

    I see you're taking my advice and staying positive. Bravo! It is by far the most important thing you can do for yourself. Believe me, I know. You're walking a road that so many of us have walked and it's hard...and there are roadblocks when we least expect them. BUT...and this is a big fat BUT...God walks with us. He even carries us when needed. Just stay positive, trust in your doctors, your family, your friends and most importantly in our awesome God. You and Bob and your entire family stay in my thoughts and prayers. Girlfriend, I'm here whenever you need me.


  11. You are so very much in my thoughts and prayers, Terri!!

  12. I've been thinking of you all week!! You've been in my prayers every night. love you girl, maybe once you get this thing conquered we can meet and celebrate!!!


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