Prayers for our Family

Jake is to the left of Irene in the blue sweater, Amos is to the right.

Bob's dear Uncle Amos passed away Thursday evening. Uncle Amos lived with Bob and his brother Gary and his mom and dad all of Bob's life. Uncle Amos was like a second dad (grandpa) to all of us. He made the best chocolate chip cookies and my all time favorite vegetable beef soup and chili in the world. He will be and already is, missed so much by all of us.

Bob's dad remains in the hospital after going in five weeks ago for a routine gall bladder operation. Mysterious infections set in and he has been transported to the University Hospital where they seem no closer to solving the mystery of his illness. However, Jake continues to worsen so he needs our prayers greatly right now. On Friday our priest administered Last Rites with nearly all our family present. When we were praying Jake made the sign of the cross with us. We clearly are not ready to let him go.

Please pray!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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