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Lazy Days of Summer #7

Bob and I like to fish but we do not do much of it at all. My dad was a HUGE fisherman taking hours and hours out of his weekend to fish. It used to annoy my mom when I was little, but I noticed as I grew older she didn't mind so much. Bob and I did some deep sea fishing once in Florida and once when we were on a cruise and plan to do some when we go to Myrtle Beach this summer.

How does fishing fit into your summer?

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  1. You'll have to look at the fish pictures on the CBP home page. It might make you laugh. Not a big fan of fishing, however, am a big fan of sitting in the shade with a good book watching someone else fish! Can you believe it's August already? Crazy! When does your school go back? The Reds start school this coming Monday. Waaaah. My babies.

  2. No fishing for us. Ron has no patience and I have even less. Kinda sad since fishing is so relaxing.

    Thanks for the tip, Terri, about the blog address.


  3. Other than scouting places for Jonathan to fish I am perfectly fine to have nothing to do with the subject. Funny though, as I do come from a family of avid fishermen.

    Becky K.

  4. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Don, loves to fish but with our crazy lives and now helping in the planning of our sons wedding there is no time. At one time Don would go at least every other weekend. Now it is almost non existant for him to go.

  5. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I've never been fishing! Nalley and his Dad used to fish some.

  6. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I've never been fishing! Nalley and his Dad used to fish some.

  7. I need to publish the photo of J, sitting on an upturned 5 gallon bucket, fishing from the dock. He loves it. I love sitting on the deck, keeping an eye on him, while I read a good book!!

  8. I have done some fishing from time to time...it really is a relaxing way to spend the day!
    My favorite fish story is of Danny's first time...hmmm..maybe I should blog about that!
    : )

  9. I fished on our honeymoon while my hubby water skied. :) Really! It's a great story. Anyway, over the years HE has become the fisher person and I'm not as interested in it. When he owned a bass boat, we went a lot, but after I convinced him to unload the "money pit of a boat", our fishing has been sporadic. He still goes to crappie tourneys with his buddies in the spring and on a few other outings with other boat owning pals. I know he'd love to do more....one day.

    Just took a killer walk---now I have to get ready to meet my buddies for lunch and seeing "Julie and Julia"!!

    Have a great weekend. Dana

  10. It's me again! When we drove by the Marceline exit off hwy 36 (I think)--going W from the Macon area, I told my friends that I thought you (referred to as "a blogger friend") were from there. Are there some neat shops in the town? I took a tons of photos of the wonderful towns, shops, and buildings we saw/visited. I grew up not far from that area, but had never visited those places. We had a ball and want to return to Chillicothe for sure...."the sidewalks were rolled up" by the time we hit that town. Also, we were ready to get home.
    Bet you're in the school mode again....where did the summer go?
    We're having severe weather at this moment, so I need to get off the computer!!
    Have a good evening. Dana

  11. Me fish? No way! I'm to much of a "girly girl". LOL My Dad and Grandfather loved it though and were the best of fishing buddies. Now eating fish...THAT I do love, especially fried catfish.


  12. We just got back from MB. You've got to go to Broadway At the Beach!!!!


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