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Bella Vista's Rooster Party!

My rooster mug outside on our patio

Come and see the Rooster Parade at Bella Vista today! You will get to see plenty of rooster residing happily in their homes!

While I don't use any roosters to decorate, I remembered I had this wonderful mug that helps me start my morning every day. I love my mug as it is large and holds a lot of whatever goodness I decide to put into it!

Breakfast with my rooster mug... fresh tomato sandwich!

This is Barb's first party, so please go and check her out! I know you won't be disappointed!

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  1. What a wonderfu idea! You are so sweet (Of course, I knew that aready!) to do this and I LOVE your mug! I have 4 plates that will co-ordinate with it! : )

    Thinking about you all the time...sending love and prayers always,

  2. Cute rooster mug, Terri!

    Isn't this an amazing party!!

  3. If I find a cool rooster mug like yours, can I come over and share some coffee and a great sandwich?

    Guess you could tell from my post, that I don't decorate with roosters either, but after my fun with this "party" I'm thinking a just might need to be on the hunt for a bird or two!!!

    Hugs to you, Dana

  4. Hello fellow non-rooster collector. We seem to be in the minority! ;o)

    Your garden is lovely Terry. So glad you linked up to the rooster party...I lost my favorites, couldn't pull your profile to email you & the invite you sent had expired. I haven't been able to visit you!

  5. Hey Honeybunch, I love your mug and I love you!!!!!

    You continue in my heart, Terri. Thank you for thinking of this party with everything you have going. You are one special, special lady!!!!!!!

    Barb :-)

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Hi Terri, I love the mug and your pretty patio. Must be such joy to enjoy a favorite cup of refreshment outside surrounded by God's beauty. You remain in my heart and prayers sweet friend.

  7. How cute! And how appropriate to use a rooster mug to start your morning! Love it!

  8. That's a cute rooster mug! Yum, and what a healthy breakfast!


  9. Whew! I had to skip ahead in the list to come and see you. I am only in the H's. There are a lot of Rooster posts.

    I love your mug...and I love tomato sandwiches.

    I love this post.

    Becky K.

  10. No rooster pics but I read a rhyming book to Morgan yesterday about Farmer Dales Red Pickup Truck and her favorite line in it was "Cock a doodle cluck" so that kinda/sorta/vaguely ties in. Have a happy day!


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