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Lazy Days of Summer #8

It is about this time when we get to bring in the first of our garden tomatoes.

Summer would not be summer without fresh garden tomatoes. What is your favorite way to eat them? I truly think mine is straight out of the garden, with a little salt on the side, still warm from the sun. However, I have been known to take some homemade white bread, some mayo, slices of tomato with salt and pepper and eat it as a sandwich. I am drooling as I write.

What about you? Favorite summer produce from your garden? Or do you attend a farmers market? We love our local farmers market and get to know several very well. Bob loves nothing more than to decide our menus based on the produce available at the market.

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  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    We love fresh tomato sandwiches too. I also love cantaloupe and often it eat for breakfast or a bedtime snack.

  2. I like mine warmed from the sun and in between some grainy bread! I also like them broiled with a bit of pesto sauce on top!


  3. Warm from the sun, a tomato, straight out of the garden, with a little salt. A 'mater sandwich, just like you describe is yummy, too. Another favorite is cucumbers, straight from the garden, with onion, vinegar, water and sugar...sigh...Oh and green beans....the list goes on and on!

  4. Good Morning Terri,
    Fresh tomatoes are just the best! No garden for me this year but we will find local farmers markets and I can't wait! I like them straight up (hehe) with nothing added at all! School will start soon and my hubby is already a little down thinking of it. He loves teaching but hates for the summer to end too. Have a great day my friend, Cindy

  5. Hi Terri, I am jealous. We have tried to grow tomotoes but the lake birds...especially the Blue Herons...like them too!!!!! Accckkk.

    I like them sliced with mayo and white bread. Ron thinks this is disgusting! heheheh


  6. As for me, I'm not a tomato person, but I love corn on the cob from a garden, green beans, and potatoes. Also, nothing better than a garden cantaloupe, my personal fav.

  7. My inlaws always have the best CORN that fills our freezer to last almost 6 months ~ but sadly not this year - they didn't get enough rain this year to have a garden full of anything really but melons.
    Hope you are well. Finally had a day to sit and catch up with my favs.

  8. So far Terri I've put about 6 gallons (in quart size bags) in the freezer and Mac has just planted new plants...Lord help me! I'm getting bell peppers and eggplant (aubergine to my Brit friends) watermelon and cantaloupe...I'll be ready for fall and pumpkins soon!!!

  9. I've been getting tomatoes from the garden since late June and they are one of my favorite veggies I grow...I love them thickly sliced with fresh basil leaves between the slices, drizzled with olive oil and topped with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper...

    also love BLTS..and I've been making a yummy tomato pie (savory) that is stuffed full of a variety of sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, cheeses and baked in a pie crust...very tasty!

  10. Tonight it was traditional BLT's. Yummy. The first of the season for us.

    We also enjoyed Chelsea's home grown cucumbers and green peppers in our tossed salad. It was all so fresh and good.


  11. I love a good tomato sandwich...soft white bread, mayo and pepper. Yum oh! BLT's are a favorite too though.


  12. Straight out the garden, with dash of salt is my fave, too, closely followed by BLTs!!! Third would be in a salad with fresh basil, a little mozarella, and some balsamic dressing....

    I am most looking forward to fresh corn and melons when I start gardening again.

  13. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I have cherry tomatoes planted in pots on the deck. It will be a bit before they are red though. We haven't had a very good summer. Love tomato sandwiches and also fresh cuc sandwiches!!!


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