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Show and Tell Friday

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home this week again for Show and Tell Friday.  Last week you would have seen lovely patio flowers.  Where she lives there are already gorgeous flowers!  I shared Aunt Francis' writing desk last week and this week we are headed left to see this spot in my home study.

Study in Canal Street house

There are many fun things here to share. My husband made the darling cork bulletin board for me for Christmas one  year.  I love it and have some special clippings and photos on it.  The lily photograph I won in an auction for Paint New Town Pink two years ago.  It was taken by a local photographer and I love it.  You may not believe this, but the pink painting came from Walmart six years ago.  The Walmart in Jefferson City had some local artists selling their craft outside one day and I fell in love with this piece!  Those are the simple-to-describe pieces!

The teacups are from my Grandmother Lorraine Wilson Holt's collection.  She had lots of them and when she died, all the grandkids took some.  I picked them solely from their color palette but it turns out that all of these are from England.  When Ashley, our daughter, was little, we had tea from them.

The railroad picture is special because it is of the train depot in my hometown of Marceline, Missouri.  The railroad has a significant history in my family.  My great-grandfather, grandfather (Oliver) and dad all worked for the railroad in some capacity and my Grandfather and Grandmother (Holt) worked for the railroad.  My Grandfather Holt retired with 30 years of service to the railroad.  My Grandmother served as a cook for the railroad when my mom was a little girl, before she went to school.  My mom recalls living in a boxcar in California and returning home to Marceline after being away for three years.

handmade quilts

I love my quilts because they are such works of love.  These all came from friends and family who surrounded me with their love through the making of a quilt.  The one on the right came from my HS friend Myra.  The fabrics are all breast cancer related.  I used it at the hospital to brighten the room.  The crocheted afghan came from a teacher at Wright City for my retirement.  The striped quilt came from my Chickberry friend Jenny, who invented the Strippy Quilt.  I used this daily for over six months.  It was the only thing that would keep me warm.  The quilt in the back was made by a New Town resident and I won it at a raffle.  I was so thrilled to be the recipient!

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