The Prairie Mule

I'm not talking about that stubborn mule that used to dot the landscape here in Missouri, I am talking about the wonderful vodka drink I tried at Avenue Restaurant in Clayton.  The drink is named after Prairie Vodka, a handcrafted vodka from Minnesota, that is "brewed with all due respect" to the land, the people and the spirits.  All I know for sure is that the drink was very good!

The Prairie Mule is made with Prairie Vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime.  It is so similar to the Moscow Mule that I asked and yes, the proportions are the same.  So here's the recipe, as per the waitress:

prairie mule

1.5 oz vodka (try Prairie, it's good!)
4 oz ginger beer
the juice of 1/4 a lime
lime wedge for garnish

Fill copper mug with ice.  Stir ingredients together and pour over ice.  Garnish with lime.

This is a very refreshing drink that stayed super cold in the restaurant.  I can imagine drinking this on a hot, muggy Missouri day.  This is something to look forward to!

Hanging out with Pam at Tipsy Tuesday and Kristin at Thursty Thursday!

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