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Around Christmas I found these tiny bottles of a liqueur called Limoncello Pink.  I was taken up by the cute label and I think it is fairly well known around my family as liking limoncello.  I purchased a few with full intentions in giving them as stocking stuffers.

Again, my family can tell you that that did not happen.

I happened to try one before Christmas one evening and this stuff was so good!  I had only purchased enough to give in stockings, now I was one short.  Oh well, I thought, I'll get them something else.  And I kept the other bottles.

While the stuff is great plain, it is even better mixed into cocktails.  I checked out the website and found three that I will be trying but the one that I have made is called an Italian Sunset.  On my bucket list to see an Italian sunset, hopefully this isn't as close as I am going to get!

The liqueur is described as pink limoncello, with a honeysuckle rose color.  The website suggests that this is great used in cupcakes or popscicles.  I have a pinboard called Pink Obsession where I have pinned recipes for this liqueur.  Go check it out and be sure to follow the board!  Ideas were given to use the tiny bottle for swag bags, hostess gifts and party favors.  The lacy label makes it cute for weddings, showers, Girls Night Out and a cute hostess gift.

The Italian Sunset is easy to make.  In a shake combine 1 part Pink Limoncello, 1/2 part club soda, a bit of maraschino cherry juice and ice.  Shake well, pour into a highball glass and serve with a maraschino cherry.  Delightful.

Tipsy Tuesday Italian Sunrise

This drink is pretty, tasty and refreshing.  Keep it on your list to try this summer as a patio or front porch drink.  I'll bet your neighbors come running.

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