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Today Around the Garden

It is a beautiful Sunday, but I am in the house for two reasons, one: my dog Truman just got home from the hospital on Saturday where he had major abdominal surgery and he needs watchful care and two: I must finish the Daughters of the American Revolution scrapbook so that it can go to State this weekend! I have a lot of work to do on it, so this post will be very short!

 The gardens have had some attention this weekend, thanks to Bob. There is more to do, but we will get to it a piece at a time. Too much going on this weekend! Here's what's "up" this week:

Daylilies are definitely up and growing!

Catmint is hiding under the dead wood from last year.

Knock out roses are greening up and sending out leaves.

Azalea bushes are leafing out and greening up!
 Can't wait to see what is new next week! 
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