Today Around the Garden

Over the weekend I like to do a walk around our backyard and garden area.  It's starting to get exciting around the house!  While not much is happening quite yet in the ground that we can see, the trees are starting to bud!  That is exciting news for our household, as last year none of our trees made it through the winter.  The trees were still under warranty, and we had the nursery plant them, so there was no question that the trees had the best possible conditions to grow, but just didn't!

Tree 1



Our herb garden is showing some signs of life as well.  The onion chives are greening up and starting to grow!  I love chives in eggs, salads, and even laid across a sandwich.  So good!


Next week we'll take a look at the new butterfly garden that is going in!  We had our plans approved at the General Assembly and now we are set to get started!  Hosting a Garden Club meeting at my house tonight!
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