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Good News from Green Bean Delivery!

Some folks from the Green Bean Delivery heard about my post about them (read here if you missed it!) and was very pleased with my review.  In fact, the company very generously offered a promo code to the readers out there who would like to give it a try!

As a thank you for my organic post, the Green Bean people gave me a free crate and the promo code for my readers to give it a try.  Like I said in the article, I spend about $40 for each crate because I customize it.  Typically a crate is $35.  The promo code will take $15 off your first crate (if you are new to Green Bean) and $15 off those who reinstate Green Bean.  A win/win for all!

Currently Green Bean Delivery serves these cities:

1.       Indianapolis, Indiana
2.       Fort Wayne
3.       Muncie
4.       Anderson
5.       Pendleton
6.       Columbus, Indiana
7.       Batesville
8.       Kokomo
9.       Louisville
10.   Lexington
11.   St. Louis, Missouri
12.   Columbus, Ohio
13.   Cincinnati
14.   Dayton
15.   Nashville
                             16.   Columbia, Missouri

So if you live in these areas, you will be able to use the coupon code!  How do you get the coupon code?  Easy!  Sign up for easy email updates to my blog, and I will email the code to you! my facebook page, leave me your email address and I will email the code to you!

Once you have the code, go here to sign up!  The sign up is easy and this page also gives your great information about the delivery service!  Can't wait to share the code with you, so you can have fresh veggies delivered right to your doorstep, too!

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