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Show and Tell Friday

On Easter Sunday, which was such a beautiful day, my husband and I did a few garden chores together and one of them was to hang a ceramic sign that we purchased from our favorite gift, decor, art, and jewelry store, Dwell in Design, which is located here in New Town.  This sign was handmade by an artist in Oregon named Fay Jones Day.

We have had it sitting on our dining room table for a long while.  I was afraid that the cold weather would not be good for it and by the time I realized it was made from CLAY and that it would be fine, the weather was right for putting it out on the garden gate arbor.  I was so excited to see it go up!

Our garden gate arbor was made by another New Town designer, Dragonfly Studios, who does all kinds of wood work and design.  Our fence is unique to our property and since Brad, the owner, does nearly all the fence in New Town, that is quite a feat!  We have been in love with our fence from the first day it went up!

Welcome Sign

We love how the sign suits our craftsman style home.  We love that Dragonfly Studios designed our fence and that there is a dragonfly on the sign.  We live by a lake and we see dragonflies around a lot.  So many wonderful things about this lovely sign!
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