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Today Around the Garden

It was a lovely weekend and we were busy enjoying it!  My husband and I saw Kinky Boots at the lovely Fox Theater.  We had lunch at Dooley's and then bought a bag of mints to share during the show.  Afterwards we headed to the Kitchen Conservatory for a cooking class.  We had a lot of fun cooking together and meeting other people!

On Sunday, after a sunrise Easter service, we had brunch at Tap Restaurant.  We came home and Bob did some work in the garage, and then we worked together to do a few projects.   Bob bought me some daffodils and hyacinths for the yard and we got those lovelies planted.  Bob made a cobblestone walk to the alley where our daughter likes to park her car when she visits.  That way she won't have to walk through the grass.  All but two stones are laid in.  That's heavy work!  A garden welcome sign was hung over the arbor gate.

Lots of things are poking up in the garden!  I have several pictures included in this mosaic.

April garden

From left to right...new daffodils planted, signs of the leafing out of astilbe and the lilac bush.  Middle row, more leafing out of hostas and cora bells.  Last row, the budding of the azalea bush, cora bells, and the hyacinths Bob planted.  They smell awesome!

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You are going to have to wait for the garden sign until Friday's Show and Tell post! 

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