Peach Cooler

Last night I served this refreshing drink as a punch for my P.E.O. sisters.  When they left and I settled down for a nightcap, I made it into a wonderful cocktail.  I hope you enjoy it both ways, too!

Peach Cooler

To make it as a punch:

1 2 L bottle of Sprite or 7up
1 qt of Peach Nectar (purchased at my local Dollar Tree Store)
1 bag frozen peaches

Mix gently the soda and the nectar.  Add frozen peaches.  The peaches will float to the top.  Serve with one frozen peach per drink.  The frozen peach keeps the drink cold!

To make as a cocktail:

To 8oz of punch add 2 oz Limoncello or Citrus Vodka.  Stir gently.  Serve with a frozen peach as garnish.

Hanging out with Pam at Tipsy Tuesday and Kristin at Thursty Thursday!

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