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Vintage Aprons: A Voice from the Past

My PEO sisters and I attended a brunch on Saturday morning for the Reciprocity group (where sisters from other PEO chapters get together and meet one another).  The meeting was the Spring Tea and the theme this year was Vintage Aprons.

The brunch was held at the Lake Saint Louis Lake Forest Country Club.  The drive up to the venue was lovely, tulips of every color were still in bloom and underplanted with pansies in orange and purple.  Beautiful sight!

We had a lovely representation from our chapter KQ.  Here we all are:

We had a lovely table setting and the black napkin looking items are actually bread cloths with a cute poem giving suggestions for other uses.  Adorable!

Our presenter, Christy Hagar, does this presentation for others and uses the proceeds to help fund the STAR program for PEO.  I was reminded of how aprons were a part of my own history:  my grandmother Holt worn an apron daily.  My mom tells a story of how she accidently wore an apron to church because she forgot to take it off before putting on her coat for church.  I have an apron that my great grandmother Wilson embroidered with our family tree of women, with my name, my cousin's name and my sister's name along with my grandmother and my mom and my aunts.  It is such an honor to have it in my possession.  I also remembered making an apron in home ec class!  Mine was yellow gingham.

A few of the many aprons that were shown to us.  The bottom left one had homemade lace on it, too delicate to actually be worn by a model.  The bottom right had a teapot pocket!  The one above it had a special secret, lift up the dress and the woman is wearing panties that match the apron!  So cute, fun stories and interesting information!

The food was good, the company excellent and the memories sweet. 

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