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Gin and Tonic with Rosemary

My husband's go-to cocktail for the summer is Gin and Tonics.  He loves to mess around with a good thing by using small batch gins and interesting tonics.  This Gin and Tonic was made with Hendrick's Gin and diet tonic water from Schnucks.  Here's how Hendrick's Gin is described by its own website:

Meet the delightfully curious Hendrick’s Gin. Life is simply too glorious not to experience its peculiar flavour, infused with rose and cucumber in our remote Scottish distillery.
Seek out those who embrace the unusual, and you’ll find that our gin is much loved by a handful of curious individuals all over the world. We invite you to join the merry few. Do mix yourself a scrumptious tipple and get ready to explore the milestones of Hendrick’s peculiar past.

Yes, mildly odd. 

To make his drink he bruises a woody stem of rosemary.  Then he adds ice to a glass, pours in 3 parts of gin and 3 parts of tonic.  He stirs the drink with the rosemary and lets it sit for a couple of minutes, then, enjoy!

Hanging out with Pam at Tipsy Tuesday and Kristin at Thursty Thursday!

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