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Green is Good!

Good morning, everyone!  I want you to meet Justine, who is here to tell you about some green products (making them even before green was more than just a color!) that I think you will be excited about!  Look for a special offer at the end!

Hi!  My name is Justine.  I’m a wife, part-time online Spanish teacher, full-time mom of
two preschool-aged boys and full-time “Home Manager” That means it’s my task to
figure out how to clean, feed, budget and educate my family – all in a way that is
balanced, healthy and fits in a 24-hour day.  Whew!  I’m sure many of you are (or have
been) in similar phases of life, but sometimes I get tired just thinking of it all!  I’m
willing to try just about anything that can make one of those puzzle pieces easier or
faster, but when I find something that helps with all of them – I get really excited.

Hi, it's me, Justine, roaming the aisles at the store.  Picture courtesy of my son!
My mom is a Type 1 Diabetic, my dad had Prostate Cancer, my grandma survived Breast
Cancer, and an aunt and an uncle both had Leukemia.  Clearly, the “cause” of each of
those is not so simple that it can be narrowed down to one factor, but the more I read, the
more I realize that removing toxins and unnatural ingredients from our lives is something
I can do to maximize the possibility that my family will stay healthy.  That being said –
there’s always that “budget” piece.  Very few people have unlimited resources… and I’m
not one of them. And then, even if I were, many manufacturers don’t list all the
ingredients right on the bottles, so it’s hard to find cleaning supplies and personal care
items that I can trust to not carry known toxins.

Several months ago I learned about a health and wellness company that was new to me.  I
decided to try their products and was sold!  I haven’t been able to try all 450+ products
yet, but here are my top 6:

1. Disinfecting spray – all natural using Thyme oil and Citric Acid.  No bleach, no
ammonia, no safety cap to make sure my kids (and sometimes even I!) can’t get it
open, because it won’t burn their skin if it spills on them.  Proven to kill MRSA,
so it’s effective.  And it’s totally okay for me to spray on toys, countertops, high
chair trays – or anything else that may or may not end up in the mouths of one of
my wild-men.

2. Drink powder – I grew up on sugar-free lemonade and other powdered drinks
(diabetes in the family, remember, so no sugary drinks), but now science shows
it’s best to stay away from aspartame.  I wish I was good at drinking plain water,
but I’m just not.  So I’m happy to have found a no-calorie, sugar-free, aspartame-
free drink mix with no artificial colors in a variety of flavors!

3. Laundry detergent – I took the kiddos strawberry-picking for the first time last
month with some friends.  We had so much fun!  But littlest-man did way more
eating than basket-filling, and there was red all over his shirt.  I was afraid I was
going to have to scrub it for hours or just throw it away.  But I threw it in the
wash with this environmentally safe detergent and it came right out!  [pics of dirty
laundry?]  The best part is that it’s really concentrated, so it only takes 1 TBSP of
detergent for a load.  A 48-load bottle is small and easy to get down from an
upper shelf, so it doesn’t take up much space in the laundry room either.  Now
that I know I love it, I’m getting the 96-load bottle next time – still not huge and
uses a pump that makes for easy “dosing”.

4. Sunscreen – I didn’t mention the fair skin and atypical/pre-cancerous moles that
run through my family, did I?  I’ve been told by the dermatologist to stick with
sunscreen with zinc oxide 9% or higher as the active ingredient.  I now have a go-
to that is at 10.5%, and is priced significantly lower than anything my doc sells at
her office, and even less expensive than other comparable sunscreens I’ve found
in stores (when I’ve been able to find them).

5. Toothpaste(s) and mouth rinse – I’ll combine these!  I really like the cinnamon
toothpaste (totally different from any other I’ve used), my sons beg me to brush
their teeth with the apple-flavored fluoride-free kind, the mouth rinse has no
alcohol, and none of them have artificial colors.  Because why any of that needs
chemical colorant, I’ll never understand, but most brands have it… check yours.

6. Vitamins – These vitamins use a patented method of binding minerals to fibers
and proteins so the body absorbs them like it does fruits and vegetables, which
means much more effectively than your run-of-the-mill vitamin.  While I try to
feed my family in a well-balanced manner, we’ve been taking vitamins for years
as “back-up”, but I always doubted whether it was worth it.  We still don’t
remember to take vitamins every day, but at least when we do I can trust that they
are helping our bodies in the way they were designed to, rather than passing right

I could certainly go on, but I don’t want to bore you.  Also, I’ve sent some other products
to Terri to try, so I’m sure she’ll let you know her thoughts once she’s tried them.

This company, which has been around for 30+ years, works similar to Costco or Sam’s
Club in that you purchase a membership and then are able to buy products at discounted
prices.  There is no store to go to, but I love the convenience of online (or phone order)
purchases that are shipped directly to my door (which saves me time) and since they
come straight from the manufacturer, there’s no wasted time sitting on store shelves and
losing potency, either.  See how shopping here helps with essentially all of my “Home
Manager” tasks?!?!  

Normally memberships are $29, but as a summer special they are $1 only until June 17! 
And did I mention that all products are backed by a 60-day, empty bottle, money-back
guarantee?!?  So there’s no risk to try it out.  Click here to give me your preferred contact
information and I’ll contact you to answer your questions and get you signed up in time
to get the membership promo, if you so desire.  (I’m the only one who will see your
information, and I pinky-promise that it won’t get past me unless you ask me to sign you

I look forward to talking with you -
Justine :)

Me, again!  Justine has sent me samples in the mail and I will be giving you a review on these products either later this week or early next week.  Be on the look out! 

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