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Happy Father's Day!

It's Father's Day! 

I would like to take the time to let you know about my husband Bob, as a father.  Many of my family and friends know that he is a great dad and father.  Nearly everyone knows that he had a wonderful role model in both his own father and his older brother.  Good role models are important.

What people might not know is this:  I had to convince my husband that having a family was a good idea.  We had been married for seven years and we really liked our life!  We traveled, purchased a house, continued our education, bought what we needed and things we didn't, and enjoyed being able to GO without a second thought.  He was sure that having a baby would change all these things and he wasn't sure he wanted to give them up.

He was right, having a baby changed all these things. 

What he didn't realize though, was all the things we would GET.  Like hours and hours, days and days, years and years of constant entertainment!  Our daughter made us laugh all the time, with the things she said and did, some which still elicit belly laughs from time to time, such as Ashley speaking with a southern drawl when she was four.  We got a mediator for our (often) discussions (arguments) who to this day can see the right we each bring to a discussion (argument).  We got a partner in crime for whatever passion we have.  Bob-Ashley (wine).  Terri-Ashley (spa treatments).  Bob-Ashley-Terri (books).  Bob-Ashley (fashion).  Terri-Ashley (shopping). Bob-Terri-Ashley (education).  Bob-Ashley-Terri (travel).  Bob-Ashley-Terri (foodies).  We got unconditional love and constant ego boosting (You are the best mommy, daddy, teacher, principal).  We took better care of our health (because of our daughter), stayed young (to keep up with our on-the-go kid), and learned to think of others (Ashley's needs first) before ourselves.  We "grew up" and acted accordingly.  Well, except for singing at the Liberty Bell that one time in Philadelphia...

Once Bob looked into those big blue eyes, he knew two things immediately:  that her name was Ashley (we hadn't decided before we went to the hospital, she was three weeks early and we thought we had time) and that he was totally in love with a baby.  He couldn't get enough of her.  He cried when he told his dad that she had been born, on his (Grandpa Jake) birthday and that her name was Ashley.  He knew from that moment he was changed.  We were a family and that was his number one priority.

So, Happy Father's Day, Bob, and for making your family a priority, during all times of your life, even when the decisions were hard and meant giving up something you wanted.  Much love!

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