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Tenacious Eats~The Blues Brothers!

For Mother's Day Bob treated me out to a brunch at Tenacious Eats to see "The Help."  It was so much fun that I repeated the event for him on Father's Day and it was such a blast.  First, the movie choice was spot on for dads: wild car chase scenes, rhythm and blues concert, hilarious, and slapstick, all at the same time.  If you haven't seen this iconic movie (and there was one in our group who hadn't!), it is worth your time to do so!

When we arrived we were greated with Duo Denim, a music duo who entertained us with the clarinet and guitar.  Oh my word, that lady could play the clarinet.  I could have listened to her a lot more! We grabbed up their email just in case we ever needed such great entertainment!

There is always an alcoholic punch to greet you and the selection for this movie was a blue vodka punch.  It was delicious but I was remiss in asking what was in it.  I just enjoyed it!  There was also beer for the dads who preferred it and, there would be an empty can for later....

Once seated, there are always a few shorts to watch, that is, meaning short films.  We saw the classic "Who's on First", "Jaws," and a clip from "The Poseidon Adventure" (the 1972 movie that scared me to death about going on a cruise).  After some brief introductions the movie started and our first course arrived.

The first course was catfish.  The course was called, "I did it all for the Penguin" referring to the sister in charge of the school.  Served with black-eyed peas with hot sauce and toast (a reoccuring theme of the food, in honor of Elwood's toast fetish).  Each course is served with its own cocktail pairing and for this course it was a long island iced tea.

The second course, "Did You Get Me My Cheese Whiz Boy?" was homemade cheese whiz on a brioche toast.  This was amazing and one of my favorite courses.  What goes with cheese whiz?  A shandy, of course!

The third course was a shrimp and bratwurst sandwich with champagne marinated grapes.  This is the Chez Paul Offensive and was perfectly seasoned with slaw and a poppy seed roll.  The drink of choice was a Champagne PickMeUp.

The fourth  course was buttermilk brined fried chicken served with greens and yes, white toast.  The chicken was so juicy and crisp. The sauce was made with Mexican Coca Cola.  What a completely perfect course to go along with the scene with Aretha Franklin.  The whole crowd was singing along with her!  The drink was a Dandy.

The fifth course was cigar wrapped greens and the most tender beef brisket on top of creamy grits with roasted corn.  This course was served when the band is singing Rawhide at the cowboy bar.  Remember those beer cans?  That's right, they were all tossed at the chef, who in her wisdom, had chicken wire placed around her cooking station.  It was a hoot to see all those cans go flying!  The drink was not a beer, but a Daisy Cocktail, which was a first for me.  It was strong and really good.  Main liquor is rye whiskey.

The last course, dessert, was so good.  We always look forward to see that the pastry chef puts together for the ending.  There was no disappointment today.

Cornmeal and chocolate shortbread with strawberries and blackberries served with bourbon whipped cream.  Perfect ending to the meal!  The drink was a boozy thin mint shake.  Yum.

Bob had a great time and we were so full when we left.  We laughed about how much we remembered from seeing the movie over the years.  We got a kick out of the shorts and how they always seem to be disaster films!

The season for Tenacious Eats is done until fall, but you can be sure that we will be attending a few then.  Until then, we'll be waiting anxiously to see what Chef Liz puts together for us!

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