Green is Good, part 2

Last week I had a guest blogger writing about some products that are good for the environment and for us.  Justine sent me a few samples of the products and here is my review of them.

Laundry detergent:  The laundry detergent, liquid, is super concentrated so I used the recommended amount, 1 tablespoon, per load.  Bob and I do not get very dirty in our line of business and we usually only wear each outfit once before we through it into the washer.  Our clothes came out smelling wonderful and seemed clean and fresh.

Dishwasher tablets:  The dishwasher tablets seemed to work fine as well.  The dishes were clean and sparkling, and the scent is very nice.  They are smaller tablets than the ones at the store, but I am sure they are concentrated as well.

Dish soap:  This stuff is very concentrated!  A basin full of water and only a couple of drops of soap made all this lather!  It lasted for a long while.  As a person who usually puts a drop or two on a sponge, I am sold on filling up the sink with water first.  Wow.

Laundry stain remover stick:  I used this on one garment with an older, tomato based stain.  It did not remove the stain completely, but I did see some improvement on the garment.  If the stain was fresh, I believe it would work better.

Thank you, Justine, for the samples and for letting me try them! 
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