Continuous Candle Light

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I am the owner of several (like around 20) battery operated candles.  I love them.  I love the ambiance that candlelight provides and I want the safety that comes with battery operated candles.  My neighbors tell me they love seeing the candles on my front porch.  That makes me so happy!

However, my husband isn't thrilled with the amount of money I spend on batteries each month keeping my fix alive.  He doesn't complain but I know that he sees it as a waste.  So imagine my glee when I found that Groupon has fantastic deals on ...  batteries!  At Groupon Goods you can find such great deals on batteries that it even makes my husband smile!  

We use mostly C, D, and AA batteries for our candles, but I noticed that they have hearing aid batteries, chargers, button batteries, AAA and some cell phone batteries.  It would be worth your time to see if they have batteries you need.  They even have a few battery organizers!

I am always happy about saving trips to the store, so these huge multipacks of batteries save me several trips to the market PLUS, they are delivered right to my door.  How convenient is that?

Do you use Groupon Goods?  What are your favorite products to purchase through Groupon Goods?
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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