Our Good Life's Top Ten Things to Try

I read a wonderful post by The Craft of Laughter and it inspired me to do this post.  In their post they talk about stepping out of your comfort zone and feeling the exhilaration of trying new things.  For us, it may be more of just broading our lives and deepening our commitment to be the best we can be. Looking at our bucket list, here are the things we want to do before the end of next summer.  So without further ado, there are our top five for each of us:

Bob's Top Five

1. Start a book
2. Save money for a trip to one or more of the following events: Masters Golf Tournament, a NASCAR Race, Kentucky Derby, College Baseball World Series, Packers Game at Lambaugh
3. Save money for a trip to one or more of the following destinations: Napa Valley, Spain, Italy, ​Alaskan Cruise, France, European Cruise, Ireland/Scotland 
4. Save money to do one or more of the following activities: really cool hot air balloon ride, sky dive
5. Go on a trip, or to an event, or complete an activity listed above

Terri's Top Five

1.  Write my children's book.  *whew, said it out loud and wrote it on paper.  Scary.
2.  Learn some type of yoga.
3.  Take a painting class and paint a landscape.
4.  Travel to Cabo San Lucas for our 40th wedding anniversary.
5.  Travel to Disney World during the Christmas season.

In all fairness, we had planned a couple of these things already but they were on our bucket list and we are doing them, so we wanted to include them.

What bucket list item are you putting off?  How can I inspire you to make the leap?
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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