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We Have a Name! Final Edition

For those of you who kindly participated in helping us name our house, I am sure you are glad this is over.  I have a real issue of committing to something and once I do, I lament all the choices I didn't get... but this time, following the wise advice of some dear friends, we chose a name that meant something to us which I will happily explain to you.

We chose the name Lakeside Resort.  Why?  Of all the names suggested, and some oh, so cute ones like La Vie, The Principals Office, The Doctors Inn, and others, we chose this name for some of the connections we have to it.  Let's look at Resort, first.  My son-in-law cleverly named the house The Resort the very first time he was here.  We have a special guest room for them, overlooking the lake, with its own bathroom and walk in master closet.  The room is spacious and we added a reading chair, a desk and a TV so when they come they will be in all kinds of comfort.  

Let's look at Lakeside, now.  If you know us, you know our house is across from a lake.  No one will build on that side of the lake, so we will always have a wonderful view from the porch.  Before we moved here to St. Charles, we lived on Lakewood in Jefferson City.  We chose Lakeside to honor our time in Jefferson City.  

So that's how the name Lakeside Resort came to be.  We are so happy with it, and while I would love to live in Sunset Cottage or La Vida Dulce, the best name for this house is Lakeside Resort!

Many blessings to all who helped with a name, or gave advice, or who prayed for me to make up my mind (Bob).  We love you all!

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