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All products and books were given for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion!

I'm in a few different groups where I am fortunate enough to do a review on products that are just coming out or that need a boost by someone who has given it a try.  I am sharing some of those wonderful products here!

My dogs are so excited to be a part of the review team at!  We receiving a product to test and here are a couple that we did in August.  First was the poop bags.  We go through a lot of these with having two healthy dogs.  These bags were functional and easy to replace.  They come in a pleasant, fruity scent or unscented.  

We also tried the snacks Blue Buffalo Health Bars in pumpkin and cinnamon.  Wilson, our husky Westie, loved these snacks.  They were too hard and big for my 9 pound Cavachon, Truman.  He licked them but didn't try to eat it.  I was glad to see they didn't have wheat or corn in them as Wilson is prone to some skin conditions that these are known to aggreviate.  

Another product for the dogs that I love is this Gone for Good spray that I purchased through Amazon.  This stuff is awesome and works so well.  Our dogs have accidents from time to time and this product is amazing for removing the smell.  It's a stain remover, too.  The product was safe on our carpets.  It works nearly instantly, too.  We'll be ordering this again when we run out.

For me, I am in love with this rose water spray, Teddie Organics Rose Water Spray that I purchased through Amazon.  I use it as a toner but also to refresh my face during the day.  I love how it has the light smell of roses.  I buy the larger bottle for the economy and so I don't have to reorder often.  I find myself using it several times a day!  It's good for all skin types and as an added bonus, it is perfect to use after a workout or yoga as a calming effect.

I hope you found a product or two that you would like to try!  I know that I like to know in advance that a product I am interested in has been tried and proved effective.  Let me know if you decide to give any of these a try!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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