Summer 2016 Recap

Summer of 2016 is coming to a close.  Yes, I know that summer officially goes until the middle of September, but it always feels like summer draws to a close when school starts and if you are watching Facebook much, you know that school has started by all the adorable first-day-of-school photos that are all over!  I love those photos, by the way.

Our summer has kicked off with the Ribfest that is hosted in our neighborhood.  This year was as much fun as last and as always, we ate more than we should but enjoyed each minute of it.  My husband's band played in it and that is always so much fun!

Bob's band played at Ribfest!
We also hosted our annual Memorial Day cookoff.  It's getting more and more just a fun excuse to cook a burger, but who cares, as long as it is still fun, and it is!

Our annual Garden Tour was fun and there were beautiful gardens but it was unseasonably cold and turn out was low.  However, those who did attend said it was gorgeous and fun!

The Fourth of July is always a fun holiday!  I love our neighborhood and all the festivities that happen.  We do fireworks like nobody's business!

I made the most of my travels for work, stopping to (literally) smell the flowers along the way!  We had bumper crops of wildflower this summer due to the rain and not too excessive heat.  The flowers loved it!

Beautiful beautiful sunsets all summer.  Here are a few of my favorites!

We did a trip to Chicago to spend some time in our daughter's new digs.  I love the city and all there is to do!

My husband retired (the second time) and his office gave him a wonderful retirement party.  Full of professors and office staff, good food and lots of laughter!

Ben got married!

I had two fun opportunities to be on the Mississippi River and boy, were they fun!  I love being on the water, and both times I got to see a lighthouse!  I am in love with lighthouses.

No more travel planned, we are both in the swing of jobs (yes, Bob came out of retirement 10 days later, becoming a professor at Lindenwood University in the Educational Leadership department.). We are looking forward to all that fall has to offer!

What are your favorite fall things to do?

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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