Front Porch is Halloween Ready!

One of my distinct personal pleasures is getting the front porch on my home ready for fall.  We love our front porch and use it as much as we can.  Every time we sit out there we say, we should do this more often, and yes, we should!

I love cleaning the porch and getting out my materials for decorating.  Our porch wraps around to the side yard and that is what people first see when they come onto our street. I like to give this little area some special attention.  This green shelf holds a variety of pumpkins and gourds and is just perfect in this area.  I added a few ghosts to this corner to watch over the porch!

The front porch gets a mix of all kinds of orange pumpkins, with orange and brown plaid throws on the adirondack chairs along with some comfy pillows.  Do you see the crow peeking out?  The scary pumpkin is wood, made by my dad many years ago.  He made a number of items from wood and I love getting them out.  See the little witch? She was made by a dear, dear friend years ago out of a post!

The porch is illuminated by orange lights and bright orange pumpkins!  I love having lights on with my Halloween decorations.  Do you see the ghosts hanging from the tree?  I did that when I first moved in three years ago, and the little boys down the street love them.  Every time I hang them up, I know that those little guys are loving them every minute!

Beautiful mums flank each side of the door and live pumpkins sit along the edge of the steps and the porch.  Eventually a couple of the pumpkins will turn into a Jack o' Lanterns.

I so enjoy my time on my front porch, and I am so glad the neighborhood kids love the lights and ghosts!  It is those little things in life that give me so much joy.
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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