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Halloween 2016

Our community of neighbors loves to celebrate and decorate for the holidays.  Our local Wine Bar has an annual Halloween costume party that brings out hundreds of people.  There at least nine Halloween parties in a three block radius of my house.  That's just one of five districts in our neighborhood!  New Town loves their Halloween.

My husband and I love to drive our golf cart around our neighborhood and visit people or just talk. He always smokes a cigar and I like to look at the houses.  Just the other night, after our nth time around our neighborhood, I said to him, You know, this never gets old.  He agreed.

We snapped a few pictures of the decorated houses in the area.  This is by no means all, half, or even a quarter of the decorated houses, this is a representation based on the number of photos that turned out!  In the dark, in a moving golf cart, makes some pictures not-so-good.

Enjoy our neighborhood, and Happy Halloween!

Isn't that door adorable?

That ghost changes color!

We love the colorful display!

Lots going on here, the red looks really spooky at night!

Sweet vignette!

Loving the orange lights against the red house. 

The garland and wreath are black with orange ornaments.  Striking!

Sweet scarecrow!

Your eyes are taking in the sweet pumpkins then,, Aaaack!  There's a witch!

Lights, police tape, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins, spider web!!
Happy Halloween!
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