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Halloween Bliss

Halloween is fast approaching and you will want to see this cute party I put together with the help of my friends at Oriental Trading!  I am participating in our neighborhood's street party so I wanted to see how my party is shaping up. Do you stage your parties before you have them?

Most of this fun stuff came from Oriental Trading, which I love to use.  The darling pumpkin toss game, the cupcake holder, the orange and black fringe curtains and the candy treats are all from Oriental Trading!

For Halloween there is no better decorating that with Snoopy.  I watch the Great Pumpkin every year, do you?  I wasn't able to track down when the Great Pumpkin is showing this year.  I know I can watch it anytime I want, but there is something magical about seeing it on TV, maybe knowing that other like souls are watching it all around the world at the same time?

I'm in love with this bean bag toss game.  The bean bags are tiny corns.  So cute!  I would completely ignore the point value and just throw the bags.  Who needs winners and losers?

These candy bracelets are our Halloween giveaway this year.  Each is in its own bag which I love and they are different from the usual candy mix.  We'll give these to the neighborhood kids that we know. 

Isn't this a nice mix of treats?  Gum, Smarties, Gummies, Suckers, anything you'd like!  It will be fun to hand these out to the kids, too.  

I say our party is good to go!  We probably need some more candy, don't you think?  We get around 300 trick or treaters and sometimes more!  Do you get a lot of kids coming around? 

Happy Halloween planning!
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