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Herbs are so delightful, everyone should grow their own!  Each year I plant herbs in large pots and those will provide me with fresh herbs all summer long and enough to harvest for winter cooking.  I am up to my elbows in making frozen herbs, herbs in oil, vinegars and... herbed butter.

Herbed butter is a wonderful way to preserve herbs for winter use.  Drying herbs weakens their flavor a bit so you have to use more to get the flavors you want.  Using herbs in butter actually helps preserve their natural flavor.  You will be glad to have a freezer of butter in the winter months.

To get started, here's what you need to do.

Get out your butter (2 sticks).  Butter matters, folks.  Use a high grade butter for this process for the best flavor.  Let it soften on the counter while you go out and cut your herbs.  Let's talk about butter for a bit. I like to use salted butter in this process.  Salted butter is the one covered in waxy paper. Sweet butter (unsalted) is wrapped in foil.  The foil helps keep it fresh.  Did you know that little tidbit of information?

Go outside and get your herbs. You can cut all of the same herb, or do like I do, and that's collect a variety of different herbs.  I like variety.  That's how I roll.  You will need about 2T of herbs for a stick of butter, so about 4T for the two sticks.

While your butter is hanging out, strip the leaves off the stems of your herbs and do a rough chop. Add some olive oil, about a tablespoon, and continue to chop until the oil changes to a green color.  I like to see bits of the herbs in my butter, so don't mash them too much if you are like me.

Get out your mixer and your whisk blade if you have one.  Whisk up that butter until it is smooth and nearly melts upon touching it.  Pour in your herbs and oil and mix well.  Pour butter onto a piece of waxed or parchment paper and using the paper, make a roll.  Fold up the ends of the paper and place into the refrigerator until hardened.

Once the butter is hardened, you can portion out sections by cutting it and then wrapping it in waxed paper and freezing it.

So, what do I use herbed butter on?

1.  Steaks.  This is my husband's favorite way.

2.  Tomato Soup.  This is my mom's favorite way.

3.  Parkerhouse Rolls.  This is my sister's favorite way.

4.  Eggs.  This is my favorite way.

Check out these other fantastic herb recipes today!  You will be glad you did!  If you are a blogger who would like to join our Taste Creations group, please email me at  We would love to expand our group!

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