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Swapoween Reveal Party

I joined up with fun Swap party this fall when I read about it on a friend's blog.  I love swaps and love to participate in them when I can find one!  This Halloween swap was such fun!

I was paired with Ashley from Entirely Ashley.  Ashley lives on the East Coast which was recently evacuated by Hurricane Michael.  She still managed to get a package to me and what a beautiful package it was!

Let's just start with the packaging.  I love Ashley's thoughts about packing:  pick your box and buy items to fill every nook and corner!  I was so excited about her adorable packing inside: it's a present inside a box!

Underneath that adorable black and white tissue and Halloween card, were all these goodies!

Adorable Halloween decoration about a witch's apothecary
Apple Spice hand cream
Adorable orange lights
Cookie cutters
Black cat napkins
cupcake papers
Candy Corn!!
Apple spice fritters
Halloween sprinkles
Three types of wax melts (I am using apple spice right now!)
Little Debbie Halloween cakes
Two Towels: one with a pumpkin and one solid orange
Cinnamon Pumpkin Cookies

Was I spoiled or what???  Thank you, Ashley, for a wonderful swap experience and I hope you are all settled back into your home after the hurricane.

Have you participated in a swap?  Was your experience as wonderful as mine?

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