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Project Beautiful's #ColorOurWorld Orange!

This is the second month for our #ColorOurWorld round-up but we have a new sponsor!  Say hello to Project Beautiful, a group of bloggers who are fascinated by the world around them, including things such as gardening, nature, books, cooking, children, and more!  Last month, we featured the color black and now this month, orange!

Take a look at the wonderful mix of fantastic posts all using the color orange.  You will love the diversity of topics here!

Let's talk about orange!  On the spectrum of light, orange falls between yellow and red.  The color gets its name from the fruit.  Before it had a name, Europeans called the color yellow-red.  Orange makes us think of adventure, warmth, danger and energy.  Most orange plants get their color from carotenes, including fall leaves. When the weather turns cooler, chlorophyll stops producing and fades away, so then we can see the carotene in the leaves.  Orange was the easy choice for our #ColorOurWorld color in October!

Here are those great bloggers with their look at 

The Freshman Cook Orange Cookies

GardenChick  Orange Zinnas

Day to Day Adventures Volunteer Pumpkins

Blooming Secrets  The Year in Color: Orange

Sensible Gardening and Living  Growing Pumpkins

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