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In my first read by author Laura Frantz, I am taken in by the authentic voice of the era that the author seems to write with ease.  The opening sentence "There was no cure for the whirling April snow, the cold seeping through thin, trail-worn moccasins from the frozen forest floor" draws you quickly into the misery of trailbreaking in 1777 with the threat of harm and the lack of filling food to look forward to each day.  A Moonbow Night is the story of survival in the wilderness during the first flood of landowners to Kentucky.  Temperence, the main character of the story, is a strong, smart and savvy woman of the frontier.

The author makes sure that each character is grounded and sincere.  Each has distinct voices and mannerisms that make you love and sometimes, dislike them.  All have strength of character when times call for it and all have weaknesses that nearly do them in.  The author weaves the story like a fine artisan, and the story emerges just like a tapestry.

She has a tendency to tie us up in detail when we are on the edge of our seat waiting for the outcome of a serious situation.  This does not endear me to her, in fact, I found myself skipping large portions of text in order to find out what happened next and probably missed some fine work.  I am not regretful of my decision to skip ahead, as I did not find anything lacking when I got to the end.

My personal favorite chapter was when the Moonbow Inn first comes into our world.  The descriptions of life, food, people, and the Inn drew me in and I reread those sections over and over.  Beautifully done, and nurturing for my soul.

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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