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January's pick for #FoodnFlix was French Kiss, hosted by our sponsor, Food 'n Flix!  Here's the movie description as written by our host:

French Kiss stars Meg Ryan as Kate, the tightly-wound, straight-as-an-arrow history teacher living the life she'd always imagined with her fiance Charlie (played by Timothy Hutton) in Canada. Charlie asks Kate to go with him on a work trip to Paris, but Kate opts to stay home and secure her dream home and finish planning their wedding.

Kate's world is shattered when Charlie calls to tell her that he's fallen in love and won't be coming home. She musters up the courage to hop on a flight to Paris, where she is seated next to Luc (played by Kevin Kline), a French thief, who annoys her to no end and stashes something he has stolen in her bag.

Once in Paris, Kate sets her mind to winning back Charlie, and Luc sets his mind to retrieving his stashed goods. Romance and comedy ensue. Plus, the majority is actually filmed in France, so there's some beautiful scenery.

I loved the movie, as I am a real sap when it comes to romantic comedy.  I like my heroines lovable and cute, and I want the hero to be dashing and winsome.  This movie got checkmarks in both boxes and added in a romantic location (hello, Paris) to boot.  And, my feeling is that she got the better of the two men, even though they both were lacking in good character. 

The food scenes were limited and I saw a couple of really good opportunities when it came to desserts (Kate falls over a dessert cart, spilling beautiful French pastry everywhere!) but all I wanted when I finished this movie was a cocktail.  A very specific cocktail, the French Kiss.

As with most of my cocktails, this one is pretty simple.  There are hundreds of recipes on the web for French Kiss and all are different.  I like this one because A.  I can use my cranberry juice and 2. I had fresh strawberries in the house.

French Kiss, a cocktail

by Our Good Life
Ingredients (serves 1)
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz Chamboard
  • 1 T simple syrup
  • 2 T cranberry juice
  • 2 strawberries
  • 1 lime wedge
In a cocktail shaker muddle 1 strawberry. Add 1/2 c crushed ice, vodka, chambord, simple syrup, and juice. Shake until very cold. Fill highball glass with crushed ice, strain into glass. Garnish with strawberry and lime wedge.
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The cocktail has just enough pucker to make it refreshing, but you do need the simple syrup to sweeten the sugar free cranberry juice, if you make yours from my recipe.  I love the fresh strawberries in my drink.
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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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