Simple Game Day Snacks

Putting on a party for your game day need not be a big preparation.  Keeping things simple but fun makes the day even more fun.  We recently had a spread worthy of the Super Bowl but without a lot of fuss and stress.  Let me walk you through it!

1.  Crab dip.  Get good crab from your butcher and a great cocktail sauce.  Mix together and pour over softened cream cheese.  Serve with good crackers.

2.  Make hummus (it is so easy with Hummus So Easy, see my recipes here, here and here!)  Serve with fresh veggies as a dipper.  We love baby carrots!

3.  Make a large bowl of popcorn.  We love the Skinny Pop with white cheddar.  Yummm.  We can eat a whole bag of it ourselves.

4.  Have a sweet.  Whether it is cookies, or candy, or ice cream sundaes, have a little something for those who like to indulge their sweet tooth.

5.  Marcona almonds.  These are so good and perfect for those who want to indulge.  These almonds are so delicious, we don't do anything more with them than to pour them in a bowl.

6.  Chips and salsa and queso dip.  Standards at any party!

7.  This is where you spend your time.  One special dish.  In this case, these are lemon chicken thighs, to be featured in an upcoming blog post!  Think ribs, or flatbread, or chili.  This one dish that you can't be without or it won't be perfect!

We are huge Green Bay Packer fans, and while they didn't move on to the Super Bowl, we are so proud of them for the season they had.  One day, we will find ourselves in the stands wearing a cheesehead.

Our cute football napkins and football shaped bowls came from the Dollar Store, as did our green plates and plasticware.  The Dollar Store can really add a lot of punch to your set up, so be sure and check them out!  The little Green Bay Bear was purchased a long time ago when we went to Green Bay on a family vacation.  Nothing like a good memory to help decorate your table!

All credit goes to my husband for this game day plan.  He made the chicken thighs and set up this snack bar! He's really good at things like this.  Make your party delicious without spending hours in the kitchen or a ton a money.  Good luck to whomever you are rooting for!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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